Five Great Pub Drinking Games to Play on your Pub Crawl

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In this article we list our top five pub drinking games that you and your friends can play on your pub crawl. Each game is easy to implement, will make for a great night and some really great memories.

Lets get started.

Our top five pub drinking games

As mentioned above, our pub golf games are easy to implement and will have your friends in fits of laughter as the night progresses. It will also challenge your friends drinking stamina and no doubt result in some memorable moments for all involved.

The games are independent of each other. Most can all played collectively throughout the night or you can choose to just to play one. The choice is of course yours.

Here are our top five pub drinking games.

1. Pub Golf

Pub golf is by far the champion of pub drinking games. So much so, that we have dedicated our website to the game, its rules and the correct pub golfing attire. If you are unfamiliar with pub golf, here is how it works.

Nine or eighteen pubs, known as holes are selected for the event, known as the course. Each pub has a designated hole number and par. Each pub must be visited in order. The par represents how many sips/gulps it should take to complete your drink for that pub. For example, if a hole is a designated a par 4. Then participants should try to finish the drink in four sips/gulps.

The players score for a hole is how many sips it took them to complete their drink. Their final score is the total of all their scores for each hole in the course. The winner is the player with the lowest score at the end of the course. The loser is the player with the highest score at the end of the course.

You can find out more about pub golf in our definitive guide. And, you can read about the rules here and the check out the dress code here.

2. Drink while you think

In this game, all the participants sit in a circle around the table. The game moves clockwise round the table. The first person gives a famous name such as Stevie Wonder. The next person on the table needs to come up with another persons name, whose first name starts with the letter of the aforementioned famous persons last name. For example, if the first person said Stevie Wonder, then the second person could say Winston Churchill.

If the person comes up with a famous person whose first name and last name start with the same letter, for example, William Wallace, then the play is reversed and the game moves anti-clockwise around the table.

The trick here is that the player has to think of a famous person whilst consuming their drink. If they finish their drink before thinking of a famous person then the next person at the table has to drink, whilst they think of a name.

3. International Drinking Rules

This game is mostly about predetermined drinking and social etiquette rules that the participants must follow during your pub crawl. There are many rules but the most common ones are as follows.

  1. You must not use the word “drink”
  2. No referring to any player by their first name, or their nickname.
  3. Swearing is not permitted for the duration of the crawl.
  4. No pointing with an extended finger.
  5. Pinkies must be extended when drinking.
  6. Players must drink with their secondary hand (left if they’re right-handed or right hand if they are lefties).
  7. A glass cannot be put down empty, it must be refilled first.

The penalty for disobeying the rules vary. Common penalties are to make the offending participant down the drink they have in their hand or to make them purchase and down a shot. The real joy in this game is to make rules and penalties specific to your crawl.

4. Fuzzy Duck

For this game, participants sit round a table. Moving in a clockwise direction, the first player utters the term “fuzzy duck”, the next player utters the “ducky fuzz”. As the game moves clockwise round the table players continue to alternate between “fuzzy duck” and “ducky fuzz”. A player may also opt to say “does he?” at which point the game proceeds in the opposite direction.

If a player says the wrong term, plays out of turn or breaks the rhythm of the game, then that player must drink an alcoholic drink. The type of drink to be consumed is agreed upon before the game begins.

5. Higher or lower

In the last of our pub drinking games that we will discuss today, you will need to bring a pack of cards on your pub crawl.

To play, all participants sit around a table. In a clockwise direction, the first player draws a card from the deck and places the card face up on the table. Then, the next player guesses if the next card on the deck is higher or lower. They follow that guess by placing the next card face up on the table.

If the player guessed correctly or the card is of equal value to the card on the table, then the guessing player chooses another player to drink. If the player guessed incorrectly, they have to drink.

The game continues in a clockwise direction until there is no more cards in the deck.

Play hard, have fun and stay safe

And that is pretty much it. As always, have fun, play hard, stay safe and drink responsibly. We hop you enjoy playing the aforementioned games and make sure you have a great evening.

Don’t forget, you can find out more about our favourite drinking game in our definitive guide to pub golf. Check out our article that covers the rules of the game. And, if you do choose to play pub golf, dont forget to out dress the other participants on the night.

Happy drinking.



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